FAQ – Frequently asked qustions
about the gapMaster®

How does the gapMaster® work?

The gapMaster® works with the differential method and determines the dimension by direct tactile contact when plunging into a gap. This method is material-independent and enables quantitative measurements even with very low measuring forces. The measuring electronics performs the signal conditioning and sends the measured values to the tablet for display.

What can the gapMaster® be used for?

The gap measuring device is used to measure gaps and distances on assembled components. Especially at difficult accessible places, where optical measuring methods fail, the sensor can be inserted deep into the gap.

Where can you use the gapMaster®?

You can use the mobile handset anywhere in the company or use it on site at the customer’s premises for service purposes. The gapMaster® is also used as a stationary semi- and fully automatic measuring system in the line.

Which industries is the gapMaster® suitable for?

The gapMaster® can be used for various measuring tasks in sheet metal and wood processing as well as in the plastics industry. In the automotive and aircraft industries, the measuring instrument can be used in development and quality assurance.

Which measuring ranges does the gapMaster® cover?

Gap widths between 0.3 and 10 mm can be measured with different sensors. Gap depths from 10 to over 500 mm are possible. With specially designed sensors you can also evaluate smaller gap depths.

What is included in the delivery?

The basic package contains everything for immediate use. It includes a robust special tablet with standard measuring software, measuring electronics and an exchangeable sword sensor.

Which sensor is the right one for you?

A range of matched sensors can be used for a variety of different applications.
MFP offers you individual consultation.

Do you need training before you can use the gapMaster® ?

The gapMaster® can be operated intuitively. A user manual is included in the scope of delivery for test plan creation and other functionalities.

Can a worker also work with the gapMaster®?

The measuring software is password protected and divided into individual tasks. For measurement, the operator can call up presettings and execute defined measurement sequences.

Can your measurement results be printed out?

The measurement data can be exported to Microsoft Excel® and printed out.

Are there additional costs after purchasing the gapMaster®?

No, charger and data transmission cable are included in the scope of delivery.

When did the gapMaster® pay for itself?

Due to significant savings in measurement and documentation time, the payback period is very short. Spies and feeler gauges are eliminated.

Do you also get custom-made products?

Individual sensors and special software can be produced for you on request.
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Do you have further questions?

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