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Our gapMaster variants are “Made in Germany” and are completely developed and supported by us.

We offer sword and fan sensors in different lengths – and measuring ranges

Spaltmessung in der Automobilbranche

Automotive Industry

  • Mobile use – without surface influence
  • for bodywork and interior, even in places difficult to access
  • Measuring ranges form 0,3 to 7 mm
  • Coating for sensitive surfaces

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Fans, compressors and turbines

  • Feature groups for high number of measuring points
  • Minimum value recording for axial and radial measurements
  • specially developed sensors with sensor guides and stops
  • for assembly and wear measurements

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Spaltmessung Turbinen
Spaltmessung Blech- und Kunststoffformteile

Sheet metal and plastic molded parts

  • Gauging gap measurement with only one Sensor
  • Quantitative statements for the production
  • for car body and other sheet metal parts
  • for claddings of all kinds, from all materials


Wood components

  • Recording measured values without material influences
  • cut courses and contours
  • Mold making
  • furniture and other fixtures

Spaltmessung von Holzbauteilen
Spaltmessung von Walzen


  • Low measuring forces for sensitive surfaces
  • Material independence for different pairings
  • embossing rollers, forming rollers, printing rollers
  • Metal, paper and plastic processing
  • Applicable up to 150° C

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Generators and Motors

  • Precise sheet metal stack measurement for full performance
  • detection up to 500 mm depth
  • Wind and power plant generators
  • Large machines
  • Hybrid drives

Spaltmessung von Generatoren und Motoren
Spaltmessung im Maschinen- und Anlagenbau

Machine and plant construction

  • Good accessibility at all assembly gaps
  • Gap progression measurements also behind prostrusions
  • Measurements through inspection openings

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Aircraft construction

  • Comprehensive documentation
  • Handy mobile device for every application
  • Shim gaps on skin, frames and door elements
  • Blade head and root gaps on turbines

Spaltmessung im Flugzeugbau
Spaltmessung in der Papier- und Folienindustrie

Paper and foil undustry

  • Sieves
  • Scraper
  • Blow heads for foil production
  • Printing rollers for packaging
  • Film and plate rollers